Sangha Night

Sangha Night

This is our regulars evening and is usually split into two parts, with a tea break between:


We practice two kinds of meditation - the Mindfulness of Breathing, for developing awareness, integration and clarity of mind; and the Mettā Bhāvanā (“development of loving kindness”), which brings about a gentle but radical transformation of our emotional world. Each week we alternate between the two practices.


We introduce and explore the teachings of the Buddha in a way that is accessible and practical to everyday life in the modern world. Usually the format is a talk, followed by breaking into smaller groups for discussion. 

There's no fee for the evening, although we welcome donations either in cash on the night, or via our donations page.

Theme: Teachers of Enlightenment

The Refuge Tree of the Triratna (Three Jewels) Buddhist Order contains figures and imagery that provide a pointer to the whole range of Buddhist teachings from the time of The Buddha. For our Sangha Night theme of the new year we will meet some of the historically eminent communicators of these teachings across the whole span of Buddhist history and some of the mythic figures that encompass these teachings.  

The Refuge Tree was the outcome of Sangharakshita’s concern (the Founder of the Order) for an inclusive and ecumenical approach rooted deeply and directly in The Buddha’s Dharma. It enables an original and creative way to practice in modern times. 


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