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Adelaide Triratna is at the heart of a thriving, friendly community of practicing Buddhists. We run weekly meditation and Buddhism classes and courses for all levels of experience, host day events for Buddhist festival days and other special events, and run several retreats per year.

We are part of the Triratna Buddhist Community, a worldwide Buddhist movement in over 20 countries teaching and practicing Buddhism suitable for people at all levels of commitment, living in the modern world. Here is a page of resources which includes links to more information about us.

The Team



Gambhiraja first met the Buddha’s teachings at the Melbourne Buddhist Centre of the Triratna Community in the early 1990s.  She was ordained in 2007 and has been involved in sharing the Buddha’s teachings since then.

A major source of her inspiration has come from experiencing the transformational influence of the Buddha’s teachings for spiritual practice, guided by our founding teacher Sangharakshita. The additional benefit has been greater mental and emotional well-being, friendships and inspiration found in our community. Engagement with people of other ethnicities in Australia and overseas has benefited her Buddhist practice greatly. She has felt at home in Triratna Adelaide where we have a strong interest in embracing the diversities in society and valuing inclusion and appreciation of difference.




Ratnadaka first encountered meditation and Buddhism as a student in Manchester in 1990, and spent the next decade living in Buddhist communities and working for Buddhist projects in the UK. In 1996 he was ordained into the Triratna Order on a four-month retreat and was given his Buddhist name which means “Jewel-like Sky Dweller”. He later completed a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and he has spent the last 20 years working in healthcare.

Ratnadaka is a popular teacher and experienced Order Member who has taught classes in India, Australia and the UK. As someone who spent many years living in semi-monastic Buddhist settings and has also worked in the everyday world and raised children, he is known for being approachable and down to earth. His approach to the spiritual life is open and pragmatic combining Dharma practice and everyday life. Ratnadaka has lived in Adelaide since 2008, and now works as a therapist in private practice.



Saddhavijaya was given his name  by his preceptor Devamitra in 2003. Saddha means confidence, trust or faith (in Buddhist practice) and vijaya means to conquer, to overcome. In other words, to overcome ignorance or delusion in the spiritual sense through confidence in Buddhist practice. Devamitra named him this because of the determination and enthusiasm he has for practicing the Buddhist “Three Fold Way” of ethics, meditation and wisdom.

He was born in South Australia and spent his early years in rural parts, his parents being teachers. About 38 years ago he left to find work in the Eastern capitals and finally settled in Melbourne where he lived for many years. Recently he returned to Adelaide to help establish the Triratna Buddhist Community here.

He delights in the arts and cycling, swimming and hiking and so enjoys living somewhere that provides a healthy lifestyle. Above all he loves studying the Buddhist scriptures and meditation. Creating a community that is creative and positive is very important to him. He believes we are fortunate to have good conditions to actively engage in spiritual practice which is best shared with others.




Sarvadarśin became the first member of the Adelaide Triratna sangha to be ordained from training in Adelaide in December 2021 when he was given his name, meaning 'all seeing', by his Preceptor Siladasa in an ordination ceremony in New South Wales. He first encountered Triratna Buddhism in Birmingham, England in 2005 and moved to Adelaide with his partner in 2012, getting involved in the Adelaide Buddhist Centre since its very first beginnings.   

When he is not supporting the sangha in his capacity as secretary and as web and email administrator, he pursues his vocation as a composer and performer of solo piano, songs and ambient music. He has also written several pieces of Buddhist choral music.  As well as practicing meditation and yoga, he enjoys bushwalking and chess.

Our Values


All our classes and retreats are operated on a COVID-Safe basis.

Ethical Values

We are committed to living and practicing guided by the Buddhist Ethical Precepts. Further information including our Constitution and Ethical Guidelines can be found on our resources page.

Safeguarding Officer

We are committed to ensuring that all people who attend our centre are safe and feel welcome. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our friendly and experienced Safeguarding Officer, Ratnadaka via email.


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